Hsc chemistry production of materials

Electricity is produced when electrons move freely. In Brazil the requirement of land for crops resulted in deforestation of a significant portion of the Amazon.

Examples of its use as a solvent: Technetiumm has many medical applications in imaging the brain, thyroid, lungs, liver, spleen, kidney, gall bladder, skeleton, blood pool, bone marrow, salivary and lachrymal glands and heart blood pool.

Cathode — positive electrode. Overall energy input is larger than energy output and hence it is not currently economically viable. Oxidation-reduction reactions — also called redox or electron transfer reactions.

Hsc Chemistry - Module 1

Its complete combustion can be represented in the following equation: The oxidation state of atoms within a polyatomic ion is calculated on the assumption that the more electronegative atom s are reduced. As it decays, it releases alpha particles, which ionise air.

The twentieth century saw an explosion in both the use of traditional materials and in the research for development of a wider range of materials to satisfy technological developments. Ions of the salt migrate to the electrolytes balancing the charge of the ions created by the redox reaction usually potassium nitrate KNO3 is used.

They can kill cancer cells but also normal cells within a certain vicinity and is therefore useful for cancer treatment. Be careful with what units of measurement you are using Example 2 A student uses a spirit burner containing methanol to heat a mL beaker full of water.

Social health and environmental: To extract the technetiumm, saline solution is passed through the alumina. A monoculture of sugarcane crops can form resulting in a loss of biodiversity. Being a renewable resource its use will reduce dependence on non-renewable crude oil.

In addition, chemists are continually searching for compounds to be used in the design and production of new materials to replace those that have been deemed no longer satisfactory for needs.

Solve problems and analyse information to calculate the potential requirement of named electrochemical processes using tables of standard potentials and half-equations.

Describe how transuranic elements are produced. Caesium emits positrons to produce iodine It has a half-life of 5.

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Molar of heat combustion: Ethanol is thus also soluble in non-polar substances e. When a metal is added to a solution of a less active metal in ions the more active metal will displace the other.

PREFACE HSC CHEMISTRY SYLLABUS NOTES – ANDREW HARVEY v PPRREEFFAACCEE Preamble These syllabus notes were written to help students to understand and succeed in Chemistry at High.

Feb 05,  · HSC Chemistry Production of Materials video on ethene and crude oil. Feb 05,  · HSC Chemistry Production of Materials video on ethene and crude oil. 7.

production of low density and high density polyethylene (HSC chemistry) by Letslearnscience OUTLINE the steps in the production of polyethylene as an example of a commercially and industrially.

HSC Chemistry - - Production of Materials Hey everyone! I graduated from Baulkham Hills High School in with an ATAR of and a HSC mark of 96 in Chemistry and 96 in Physics (98 Examination Mark).

HSC Chemistry – Production of Materials – dot point notes HSC Chemistry – Production of Materials syllabus dot point summary This is a set of HSC Chemistry notes for each syllabus dot-point of Production of Materials.

Hsc chemistry production of materials
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HSC Chemistry - Production of Materials - dot point notes - Dux College